the monochrome monetas, part 1


I mentioned recently that I might be afraid of color. This post isn’t going to convince anyone otherwise.

But seriously, who doesn’t love a bit of black and white?!


You’ve probably already recognized the Colette Moneta. This fabric is a ponte knit from Fabric Mart. It’s a polyester-Lycra blend, as opposed to pontes with some rayon, and I can tell the difference — it’s already staticky, and it’s 75 degrees out! I’m planning on wearing this in cold weather with tights, and I can already tell I’m going to be peeling the skirt off my slip all winter long.


Once again, I swapped the gathering on the skirt for a few inverted box pleats. This time, experience taught me to reinforce that waist seam with elastic even though I didn’t use the elastic-shirring technique recommended in the pattern. It makes the waist seam allowance a little bulky, but it’s better than having it super-stretched out after a day’s wear.

As for pattern matching …. let’s not look too closely at the pattern matching here. Luckily, the print is busy enough that it’s hard to tell how lazy I was.


Next time, I’ll be trying to take a slice out of the front neckline, if possible. It’s got just a bit too much space there, and there’s some rippling/gaping if I lift my shoulders at all. (You can see it in this picture of my first version, too.) It’s possible that I’m stretching out the neckline as I’m hemming it, but I don’t know how to prevent that — I’m being as careful as I can, but after all, we’re turning and stitching a curve here, folks. That’s hard to do without manipulating the fabric in some way.


A few changes from my first Moneta:

  • I had lengthened the skirt by three inches for my first Moneta and used a one-inch hem. (I’m 5’9″.)  This time, I felt daring and added only TWO inches, only to realize that this fabric is a bit lighter and maybe I WANTED that longer length. So I took a smaller half-inch hem on this one.
  • I cut my first Moneta in an XS after a muslin misunderstanding, which left me scrambling to try to add size to it when I realized it was too small. This time, I cut a S and it’s great.
  • I had worried that I’d have extra fabric in the front of the shoulder, but in fact, I’ve got fabric puddling at the back of the sleeve. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it without tearing up the dress, which I was totally not going to do, so I’ll live with this for now. Next time, I’ll shave off a little of the curve on the back of the sleeve.


And yes, as you might have guessed from the title of this post,  there will be a next time, and in short order, too. The Moneta plays a big role in my fall/winter sewing plans, which I wrote about here.

I had hoped to get my second monochrome Moneta finished in time for the end of the Summer Stashbust 2014, but alas, I ran out of time. Look for a stashbust roundup post soon!

Pattern: Colette Moneta, size S, with pleats instead of gathers in the skirt.
Fabric: 2.5 yards of 59″ ponte (96% polyester, 4% Lycra) from Fabric Mart, $13 on sale.



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