summer stashbust 2014



Uh, sort of. This photo is incredibly misleading. I still have a few dozen yards left.

(I may or may not have a spreadsheet of fabric that I pore over on the daily.)

Here’s what I did for Summer Stashbust 2014:


summery ikat top // speckled, spotted top

 batik voile 2 SONY DSC

the cotton forever dress // the fabric failure top

SONY DSC ????????

the “black tie requested” dress // the comfort zone moneta

SONY DSC ????????

the this-was-once-a-licorice dress // monochrome moneta, part 1

All told, that’s 14.5 yards of stash fabric busted! It might not seem like much, but those blouses eat up very little fabric — which is one of the reasons I like making them, ironically.

Not to mention, I busted a whole bunch of fabric on wadders. That’s life.

But I still feel pretty good: In four months, I made 8 very wearable garments, brought my stash to a more manageable state, and started a blog! Now I’m ready for the next season.

Thanks to Sally at The Quirky Peach for organizing!


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