wardrobe architect: january


Well … in theory, yes, we’re here to make clothes we’d wear.

Yet I’ve got all sorts of garments malingering in the closet because I got all excited about an idea and it turned out to work better in my head than in real life.  Not that getting excited is bad. It’s what makes sewing fun and worthwhile. Trying to avoid that would make this a pretty joyless pastime.

So what do we do? We balance excitement with an assessment of what works and what doesn’t. We point our excitement in the right directions. That’s where Wardrobe Architect comes in.

I benefited from the original Wardrobe Architect in a big way last year. So when Colette Patterns kicked off a reprise, I knew I wanted to take part. It’s a month-by-month, year-long exercise in making smart choices in what to sew.

January’s goal: “Find your core style and explore shapes.”

Luckily, I kind of already did this last year, so I could basically skip to the end! Here’s what I found.

(Please excuse the really horrible drawings; it’s not my strong suit, but I really prefer thinking on paper than on computer screens.)



[ style keywords: texture, restraint, impact, balance ]



[ winter shapes: for work ]



[ winter shapes: for weekends ]



[ summer shapes: for work ]



[ summer shapes: for weekends ]

There are patterns to these shapes: a balance between fitted and blousy, revealing and modest. Things that emphasize my upper half while skimming over my larger hips. Nothing that’s too fussy.

The silhouettes bring in the “restraint” and “balance” keywords that I identified above. The other two — “texture” and “impact” — come more from fabric choice than shape.

The challenge also asks you to find 20 patterns matching those silhouettes; the plan is to pare down that number later. Well, I’m going to skip that part; I’ve already got a pretty good sense for what patterns are out there. I already have patterns for a number of those shapes I’ve identified.

Plus, I want to avoid the real pitfall of a challenge like this: It’s very enlightening, but it exacerbates my tendency to spend more time thinking about sewing than actually sewing. Ha!

Wardrobe planning seems to be all the rage these days. Anyone else taking part in some closet introspection?


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