wardrobe architect: march

[ I call this Still Life of Broken Sewing Machine in Spring. ]

Here’s the tricky part of March’s challenge for Wardrobe Architect: How do identify the holes in your spring/summer wardrobe and plan out your sewing projects for the season when your summer/spring wardrobe is still in a plastic tub in the basement of your building?

(Also, how do you sew said items when your sewing machine is on the fritz AGAIN? BLAARGHH)

It comes down to a plan. At the end of last summer, I talked about how the end of a season is the best time to plan for the next one. All your recent wardrobe gaps are fresh in your memory, since you’ve had to deal with them week in, week out for months.

And that’s exactly what I did at the end of last summer, before I let myself get all excited about fall sewing — I made up a list of the things I lacked. I drew on that plan pretty heavily to make up this post, and I’ll make notes for next fall/winter at the bottom.

But! Spring first. I’ve already got the patterns for a lot of these — hell, I’ve already made the patterns for a lot of these. They all fall in with the silhouettes I identified in January’s challenge. 

I’ve already got the fabric, too, and I’ll talk about that when I take up April’s challenge.

For workdays:

Shift dresses: New Look 6095 (pictured)


Skirts: New Look 6107 (pictured), self-drafted


Drapey tops: New Look 6095 (pictured)

Vintage shirtdress: Anne Adams 1940s mail-order pattern

For weekends:

Loose tees: Maria Denmark Kirsten kimono tee, with slightly longer sleeves

Shorts: Simplicity 1373

Self-drafted sundresses: Kimono sleeve with inset waistband; halter with back cutouts


Pajamas: McCall’s 6848 (pictured)

Wedding guest dress (maxi!): Probably incorporating the yoke from one of the first dress patterns I ever bought.


I know, I know. But at the moment I can tell you without hesitation every item I wear on a weekly basis in the winter and every item I wish I had. I won’t be able to remember that after weeks on weeks of disgusting humidity blissful balminess.

So here’s what I’d like to add to my winter wardrobe next year:

But enough of that. I’m checking off items on my “Spring is coming” list. So far, we’ve got purple crocuses, yellow crocuses, buttercups and mud. Bring on the sundresses.


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