me made may: part 1

I tried to take selfies to capture the me-mades in the wild, but guys, I really hate selfies. So some of them are comical.

 day 1, for day-off fun: plantain tee and levi’s


 day 2, for casual Saturdays at work: voile blouse and levi’s


 day 3, for work: brand new, yet-unblogged Moneta


day 4, for work: silk twill top and rtw skirt


day 5, for work: shift dress

SONY DSCday 6: for running errands, silk top and rtw shorts

SONY DSCday 6 BONUS, for work: silk crepe blouse and rtw skirt


day 7: I somehow FORGOT to take a picture of what I wore to work on day 7 (it was this dress), so instead, here’s a bonus photo of me wearing handmade pajamas, making faces at my dog


day 8: the 1-oz dress for a car ride to the country and cornhole at a brewery

day 9: denim and lace dress for lounging about on the deck of a winery

20150511_001755day 10: back to work in a moneta, and nervously hoping no one notices me taking a selfie on the metro platform


day 10: late for work, and surreptitiously snapping a photo of my handmade skirt at the coffee shop (cardigan and top RTW)


day 12: after work, really thrilled to be waiting 25 minutes for my bus in an unblogged silk shell (cardigan and skirt RTW)


day 13: stealthy desk photo in my gray shift dress, which I love more each time I wear

20150514_204814day 14: wearing my zoo animals dress and extremely aca-cited to see the ‘Pitch Perfect’ sequel; the dog, less so


day 15: out to dinner for my birthday in yet another cotton print dress (my first blogged make, no less)

I was really proud of not having ANY duplicates in the first half of the month, but then I ruined that streak on Day 16. Ha!


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