when in doubt, moneta


I know it’s not exactly encouraged, but back at the end of April, I reeeeeally wanted to make up a garment, lickety-split, to wear for Me-Made May.

So DUH, I knew exactly what to do.

[ swish swish ]

[ swish swish ]


[ swish swish ]

[ swish swish ]

I’m continually amazed by how much I like the short sleeves on this pattern. I always thought I preferred three quarter sleeves or none at all, but this is just super freaking cute.

Per usual, I skipped the gathers in favor of box pleats in front and back.

[ happy with pattern matching, for once. ]

[ happy with pattern matching, for once. ]

This fabric is pretty great: It’s a double-faced, cotton-blend knit that manages to be very light and completely opaque, thanks to the dark blue layer on the wrong side. It’s got a fair amount of body and a low amount of stretch, which is what I prefer for a knit dress; I can’t stand clingy skirts.

The only downside to it: IT FRAYS. What?! I usually never finish seams on my knits, because laziness, but this is one that actually might need it. The white and blue threads on the fabrics’ right side are coming unraveled along the cut edges.


I also don’t love the turned-and-stitched finish that the Moneta’s instructions espouse. The neckline has a tendency to get stretched out with that treatment, and then it has space to flip out — which is especially noticeable in this fraying fabric. I might try binding the neck, using this Colette tutorial, although that might make the neckline a trifle wide.

(I wanted to try putting the Seamwork Aberdeen tunic’s V-neck on this dress, but my first stab at an Aberdeen was a disgusting hot mess, so I decided not to disrupt a successful pattern.)

Even so, this is probably my last Moneta for awhile. I’ve made four now, and while I love them all — and get compliments every time I wear them — I’m ready to branch out into the world of non-Moneta knit dresses. (If such a thing even exists.) I just bought this mock wrap dress pattern and this knit sheath pattern, and I’ve got a couple more of these double-faced knits lurking in the stash…

Pattern: Colette Moneta, size S, skirt pleated instead of gathered
Fabric: Less than 2 yards 62″ wide double-face jacquard knit, cotton/poly/spandex blend, about $17 at Fabric.com.


5 thoughts on “when in doubt, moneta

  1. I really like the pleats instead of gathers! I may try that hack myself, since I’ve already made two with gathered skirts.

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