me made may: part 2

More selfies! Way fewer are in a real-world setting (my apartment after work is usually what happens), and there is a gradual improvement in quality as I realize that BOY HOWDY the front camera on my phone really sucks.

There also is about a 500% increase in appearances from Grumble the dog. Which is as it should be.


day 16, on which I prioritize not being sweaty by the time I get to work: the 1-oz. dress with a rtw cardigan


day 17, on which I do some quiet hand-basting after work: red silk top, black straight skirt (not seen)


day 18, on which I realize my unblogged, dotted-lawn top is stretched out at the back neckline (with black skirt)


day 19, on which I get a car to myself on the Metro: unblogged rayon top, gray rtw skirt


day 20, on which I forget to take a picture of my shift dress because it was Friday, and I threw it on the ground after work, like this, and the dog lay on it (DISCLOSURE: photo is reconstructed)


day 21, on which the weather abruptly turns cold: my favorite plantain and my beloved Levis


day 22, on which my friend Lisa and I have a sewing party: dotted plantain and army-green rtw shorts


day 23,  on which I remember how my striped Moneta makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn


day 24, on which I’m apparently very happy to be home from work: blue-and-white Moneta


day 25, on which my husband and I go out to dinner: white silk top, army-green rtw shorts


day 26, on which I present Exhibit A (Curious Grumble): black skirt with rtw top and cardigan


day 27, on which Grumble hears a rumor that my blue silk top shows every single sweat stain and won’t be worn again until October (rtw gray skirt)


day 28, on which Grumble wonders when the fun will start: cotton forever dress


day 29, on which I test my wearable-muslin Kirsten kimono tee and decide that no, I will not be able to bear those bubbly sleeve hems


day 30, on which Grumble and I celebrate my return home after work: voile top, rtw khaki skirt


day 31, on which Grumble abruptly tires of Me-Made May: zoo-animals dress for a hot commute to the office

Moralizing time!

Lessons learned:

  • It’s damn hot here. Too hot even for silk. Especially medium-blue silks that greedily soak up every drop of sweat and turn them into big dark spots on your nice blousy top. (Ugh.)
  • I’ve been underestimating the role that cotton dresses should play in my work wardrobe. All of the dresses above were intended for weekend use, but they’ve been pressed into duty at the office because they keep me presentable in hot weather.
  • Easy staples rule. The most-worn items don’t need regular ironing. Fact is, I’m just lazy.
  • Fabric choice matters. Awhile back, I made three plain-Jane skirts from the same pattern. The black one gets worn all the time; the others have barely been worn at all. The difference? The black fabric is a really delicious tropical-weight worsted wool that breathes wonderfully and drapes really well — enough to hide the small fit issues that remain with that skirt. And black, as passe as it sounds, really does blend into a wardrobe well.

Important question for all: What do your dogs think of Me-Made May? Are they into it?


4 thoughts on “me made may: part 2

  1. I love your striped Moneta, its gorgeous. I’ve been looking for striped fabric like that forever, I’m going to buy the bolt if I ever find some! I really like your short sleeved tops too, they look lovely 🙂

  2. Wonderful photos! Great job with your Me-Made-May. My dog, she really liked the opportunity to photo bomb my outfit photos. I got on to her ways though, and made sure she was out of range when the camera went off. Most of the time, that is. 🙂

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