adventures in rayon jersey


[ happy dance. … or is it? ]

2015 will be known as the year I first experimented with rayon jersey. It’s probably not as cool as the kind of experimentation that so many people do in college, but guys, this is a sewing blog, so dial down the coolness expectations.

Anyone else love rayon jersey? Anyone else hate rayon jersey? Me too, on both, and I’ve got evidence in support of each.

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a quick vacation maxi


[ swish ]

This dress is of vacation, by vacation, for vacation. I bought this fabric on a weekend trip to Chicago and sewed it up weeks later for a two-week trip to South America.

(I think we all can agree on this much: The best souvenirs are sewing souvenirs.)

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too many snaps


I’ve been snarfing up Seamwork Magazine, Colette Patterns’ new project, with utter delight since the day it came out. Every month I get excited about the next release (only 14 more days, guys!).  And yet the first pattern I’ve made was from the May issue — the Adelaide dress.

I realize this is the second off-white tank dress I’ve made this summer, but in truth, these dresses are so different that there’s no comparison.

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boring is good.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from innumerable wardrobe analyses and all that, it’s that I. Am. Boring. That’s OK. My inner self has come to peace with it.

Don’t try to fight it, my inner self says. Your colorful blouses and shiny dresses will only get worn so often, especially when all those navy and ivory and gray and beige fabrics are sitting in your stash, and furthermore, your not-terribly-well-fitting navy linen dress will get work as soon as it’s out of the wash.

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staple sewing: the simple shift


I feel like I’ve said this a thousand times, but here it is again: I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! After poring over my ideal silhouettes via Wardrobe Architect, I realized shift dresses are the perfect answer to my personal style, which can be summed up as basic, basic, and boring, with lots of dresses. I’ve always steered clear of them because I’m a pear shape. I mean, can this style really work if your hips are two sizes bigger than your waist?

Spoiler: It works. It skims everything and looks effortless. Only downside is that even my dress form Constance can upstage me in pictures if she’s wearing a flashier fabric. Thanks, Constance.

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the delayed wrap dress


When I was researching Vogue 8827, I saw one blog post that pointed out that it could pretty easily be confused with a bathrobe pattern. That took me aback for a moment, because it’s completely true. And it’s a far cry from “secret pajamas” to “forgot to get dressed.”

That’s OK. There are a few Internet memes for that. #Sorrynotsorry and #IDGAF come to mind.

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the long-destined cambie


I’ve been drawn to Sewaholic’s Cambie dress since I first started sewing about a year and a half ago. It’s the OG of indie dress patterns, it’s designed for pears like me, it’s versatile, I love cap sleeves, it looks great on pretty much everyone.

I bought the pattern, but something always held me back — was it too froufy? Too vintage? Too sweet? A few times I planned to sew it, but changed my mind at the last minute.

So what changed? I needed a bridesmaid dress, and I needed it quick. After a Frankenpattern muslin disaster, I turned to the sewing world’s collective TNT pattern instead.

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