unselfish sewing: the great skirt experiment


Fit was a huge part of why I wanted to learn to sew. (And polyester. God, the polyester.) I was tired of getting pissed off while shopping because entire genres of clothing were off limits.

Of all the reasons I’m proud of my handmade garments, the fact that they fit is probably the most important thing. But I began thinking: Wouldn’t it be an interesting exercise to try to fit a garment to someone else?

So I sent an email blast to some lady friends with a proposal: Give me some of your time — enough for me to take measurements and do fittings — and I’ll give you a free skirt.

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staple sewing: the pencil skirt


After a number of interruptions from real life, we’re back to our regularly scheduled sewing.

Now, if this blog post were a J.Crew email blast, it would have a much snappier title, like, “PENCIL IT IN: the season’s hottest silhouette, in all the colors you can dream of.”

Seriously, though, did anyone else get the J.Crew email that said “PUPPIES” in the subject line and “Just kidding, we’re having a sale” or something like that in the body?

OK, fine. Here’s your J.Crew quip: Good things come in threes. That counts for Monetas, Plantains, pencil skirts, and puppies.

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